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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Thursday, 1 January 2009
New Year's Eve at Mirrors
Mirrors, 33 New York Avenue NE Washington, DC 20002

Robin, Lisa of the World, Tracey G., Torrie, Nikia, Mona, Eboni, Nicki, Isha, Juanita, and Cherie were there.

Familiar Faces
This was the debut of John "Stinky Dink" Bowman (rapper) in the line up.

Wendell, Lorenzo, Quese, Damila, Sean, Donnell, Stinky Dink, Bojack, Packy, Smoke, DP

Donnell, Jammin' Jeff, Stinky Dink, Bojack, Packy, Smoke, DP, Mike

Wendell, Godfather, Lorenzo, Sean, Damila, Jammin' Jeff
First set
1) Alternating Quese-led T-Pain's Can't Believe It / Percussion solo - it cranked
2) Damila-led Jill Scott's When You're Around - it cranked
3) Donnell-led "It all started" - it cranked / Stinky Dink-led One Track Mind / Alternating Stinky Dink rapped / Countdown to Midnight - the band members hugged each other after Midnight
4) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Ho oh"
5) Quese-led "Can we do it for the ladies/fellas, Oh my God!" - the crowd response was loud" / Donnell-led "Hey ay, hey ay" / "Familiar Faces is for the Grown & Sexy"
6) Donnell-led Rare Essence's Marinda - it cranked
7) Damila-led Rihanna's Take a Bow - it cranked, it was interrupted, the horn players lifted their horns at the beats, Donnell thanked the audience, Donnell said, "Stinky Dink is gonna be with us, that's how it is"
Donnell said, "We didn't practice this":
8) Damila-led Jazmine Sullivan's Lions, Tigers & Bears / Jammin' Jeff drum outtro

During the break, Donnell performed acapella Usher's Bad Girl and "DC Girls, they drive me crazy".

White Girl (Ebony), Rhonda, and Pocahontas were there.


Second set
1) Quese-led Stevie Wonder's Knocks Me off My Feet - it had a light crank
2) Donnell-led 50 Cent's In Da Club (tease) - it cranked
3) Donnell & Quese-led "We're getting ___ money (A-Rod, DC)" / Stinky Dink rapped / Percussion solo
4) Damila-led Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Donnell said, "Single 'till I die", Donnell chanted, "Wait a minute!" / Bojack tom solo
5) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Hey ay"
6) Quese-led The Dream's I Luv Your Girl - it cranked / Percussion solo - Donnell chanted, "Eya eya"
Keishi was there.
7) Donnell & Quese-led "Jump Your Body" - it cranked
8) Donnell-led Rare Essence's What N*gga What? - it cranked / Alternating Rare Essence's All Da Time - there was lots of audience response / Maino's Hi Hater (tease) / "Familiar Faces gonna last"
9) Donnell-led "25, 25, 25" / Rare Essence's Work the Walls - it cranked / "If you got to believe in something, why not believe in me?"
10) Donnell & Quese-led Do You Think About Me? - it had a light cranked / Donnell-led Rick James' Mary Jane (Nikki's Thang) / "DC Girls" / Quese-led Luther Vandross' Never Too Much (tease) / Donnell-led "Do you listen to my heartbeat?" / Donnell, Damila, and Quese-led Lisa Stansfield's All Around the World (tease) / Stinky Dink rapped (including Rickety Raw and Freaks Come Out at Night)

Sugar Bear of EU was there.

Chuck Brown
The line up was: Chuck Brown (vocals & guitar), Anthony "Little Benny" Harley (vocals & trumpet), KayKay (rapper), Sweet Cherie Mitchell Agurs (keyboard & vocals), Bryan Mills (Sax & keyboard), Brad Clements (trumpet), Greg Boyer (trombone), Karlston "Ice" Ross? (bass), Kenny "Kwik" Gross (drummer), Mighty Moe (congas)

Bryan, Ice, Brad, Greg, Kwik, Mighty Moe

Brad, Greg, Little Benny, KayKay, Mighty Moe, Chuck, Sweet Cherie
All pictures (except flyer) taken by and Copyright - Jordan Rich
1) Chuck-led "Wind me up, Chuck" / Chuck rapped / Earl Hagen's Harlem Nocturne / "When you walk in the door" - the crowd responded, "Hello, hello" / "What do you feel like doing?" - the crowd responded, "Feel like moving that body" / "Hey ay, hey ay" / "Pop it in"
2) Chuck-led Hoochie Coochie Man - it had a light crank, Greg soloed
3) KayKay rapped - it had a light crank
4) Chuck-led Louis Jordan's Run Joe - it had a light crank
5) Chuck-led "Tired yet, ready to quit?" - it had a light crank / R. Kelley's Fiesta
6) Little Benny-led "Tired yet, ready to quit?" / "Hey ay, Ho oh"
7) Little Benny-led Lil Wayne's Stuntin' Like My Daddy - they did the Ride Out dance / Cat in the Hat - the crowd recited the lyrics / Rare Essence's Do You Know What Time It Is? (tease) / KayKay rapped / Little Benny-led "Hey ay, Hey ay" / Rare Essence's Lock It
8) KayKay-led Freak a Deak All Night - it cranked / Little Benny-led Rare Essence's One on One / Little Benny said, "Happy New Year!" / Auld Lang Syne (instrumental) / Little Benny-led ? "Wysocki RIP" / "Where do you want to go?" - the crowd responded, "About to go to the GoGo"
9) KayKay rapped - it cranked / TI's Swagger Like Us
10) Chuck rapped / Moe conga solo / KayKay-led Chuck Baby
11) Chuck-led Duke Ellington's It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That GoGo Swing) - Sweet Cherie soloed
12) Chuck-led Lionel Hampton's Midnight Sun / Moody's Mood for Love - Brad, Bryan, and Greg soloed / Louis Jordan's Woody Woodpecker
13) Crowd-led "Wind me up, Chuck" - it had a light crank / Chuck-led Sly & the Family Stone's Family Affair (tease) / Bustin' Loose
They were done at 3:35 AM.

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