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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Saturday, 6 December 2008
Delano's Birthday Celebration at Cardinal's Nest
Cardinal's Nest, 3748 10th St NE, Washington DC 20017

Sharmba Mitchell greeted me as I walked up; he wanted to know if I was going on his boat ride.

Yannie - In Progress
The line up was: Yannie (vocals), Flo (backup vocals), Levi Stephens (guitar & vocals), bass player, Warren (keyboard), Jamal Moore (drummer)
X) Yannie-led ? - it had a light crank, Scooby played congas
X+1) Yannie-led "Come close to me" - it had a light crank
Flo (my friend) was there.
X+2) Alternating Yannie-led Rufus' Ain't Nobody - it cranked, Scooby played congas / "___ Is up in here" / Scooby conga solo
Delano was there, Yannie did a birthday shout out to him.
They were done at 11:58 PM. I enjoyed it
Toya, Tasha J., Mike Jones, Scottie Jay, and Los were there.

A woman named Robin introduced herself to me.

Familiar Faces
Lorenzo was not present.
First set
Donnell did a birthday shout out to Delano.
1) Scooby-led In the Air Tonight - it started as a light crank and rose to a full crank / Percussion solo - Donnell chanted, "Eya eya" / "I've been waiting" -->
Tomcat and Dat Azn Shawty were there.
2) Damila-led Jill Scott's Whenever You're Around - it cranked, Donnell did shout outs including one to me
3) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Ho oh" - it cranked
4) Quese-led "Can we do it for the ladies/fellas, Oh my God"
5) Alternating Donnell & Quese-led We Don't Need These Phones - it cranked / Percussion solo - Donnell said, "They want us to turn it down" -->
6) Donnell-led Rare Essence's "Park & Ride" - it cranked
7) Damila-led Rihanna's Take a Bow - it had a light crank, Scooby chanted, "Hold it!" / Percussion solo
8) Donnell, Scooby & Quese-led Jump Your Body - it cranked, Packy played the cowbell, Flo danced onstage
9) Donnell, Scooby & Quese-led Do You Think About Me? - it had a light crank / Donnell-led Donna Summer's Love to Love You, Baby (tease) / Rick James' Mary Jane (Nikki's Thang) (tease) / Scooby-led "DC Girls they drive me crazy" / Donnell-led Let Me Go One Time / Quese-led Luther Vandross' Never Too Much / Donnell chanted, "Percussion!" - Jammin' Jeff soloed / Donnell & Damila-led Lisa Stansfield's All Around the World - ladies in the audience sang it

Kia, NeeNee, Durand, and Londa 5'1 were there.

Second set
1) Quese-led Stevie Wonder's Knocks Me off my Feet - it had a light crank / Percussion solo - it cranked
Donnell asked Yannie to sing.
2) Yannie-led Erykah Badu's Danger - it cranked / Rare Essence's Body Snatchers (instrumental tease)
3) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Hey ay" - it cranked / Donnell-led Familiar Faces Is for the Grown & Sexy
4) Alternating Damila-led Jazmine Sullivan's Bust Your Windows - it cranked / Scooby-led "Male version"
Ayesha & her sister were there.
5) Scooby-led "Uh Oh Uh Uh Oh" - it cranked / "How low can you go?"
6) Donnell-led 50 Cent's In Da Club (tease)
7) Donnell-led "Party party, everybody" - it cranked / Scooby-led The Dream's I Luv Your Girl / Percussion solo - it cranked, the house lights came on / "___ Is ad!" / Bojack tom solo
8) Damila-led Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - it cranked
9) Donnell-led "Contagious, outrageous" - it cranked, the houselights flickered / Rare Essence's All Da Time
They were cut off at 2:28 AM. I enjoyed it.

As I walked out, three girls I hadn't even talked with asked me the name of my site. A promoter said to me, "I've been trying to get you to come to one of my events for eight months."

Posted by funkmasterj at 12:01 AM EST

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