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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Monday, 20 October 2008
Sunday at Takoma Station
Takoma Station, 6914 4th St NW, Washington, DC 20012

Although this was a weeknight, the end time seemed to be early enough for me to go without staying up late and I wanted to be there as Yannie is my favorite singer in GoGo.

Theos was the cover taker.

Alicia, onstage, introduced Levi Stephens.

Levi Stephens - 8:26 PM

Ken, Levi, Tyler, Jamal

Warren, Ken, Levi
The line up was: Levi Stephens (vocals & guitar), Ken (guitar), Tyler (bass), Warren (keyboard), Jamal Moore (drummer).
1) Levi-led Kanye West's Gold Digger - it had a light crank
Kimese of Vybe & Heaven Sent was there.
2) Levi-led Shining Star (an original) - it had a light crank
Dwayne Lee of Faces U Know and Heaven Sent was there. We had a long conversation. He said the drummer looks like Aaron Spears' brother. I said he was introduced as Jamal Moore and he said, "Yeah, that's him."
Levi asked, "How many L!ssen fans are here? How many Yannie fans?"
3) Levi-led Vibe'n - it had a light crank
4) Levi-led Sorry for the Pain - it had a light crank, Levi switched to an acoustic guitar
5) Levi-led Bill Withers' Use Me "keep on using me" - it had a light crank, Warren soloed
It ended at 8:51.

BJ of Da Mixx Band & Heaven Sent, Sharmba Mitchell, Nico (recording the set and taking pictures of Yannie's set), Yolanda (Brandywine), Kal-el of Faces U Know and Heaven Sent, and Rochelle (toosweet) were there.

Alicia again went onstage and introduced Yannie.

The line up was: Y'anna "Yannie" Crawley (vocals), Lakindra (backup vocals), Flo (backup vocals), Levi Stephens (guitar), Ross (bass & keyboard), Warren (keyboard), Jamal Moore (drummer), Delano "Peany" Bowden (congas, last song of the second set only).

Levi, Lakindra, Flo, Yannie, Ross, Jamal

Warren, Levi, Lakindra, Flo, Yannie, Ross
First set
1) Yannie-led "here we go" - it had a light crank, Yannie started singing away from the stage and then walked to in front of the stage, where her mic stand was, Yannie kept saying "mic check"
2) Yannie-led "Let's go, you know you can" - it had a light crank
Yannie said that these songs are 6-7 years old. She said, "I write from the heart."
3) Yannie-led Out of My System - it had a light crank
Yannie said, "I try to put my songs in the order of a story."
4) Yannie-led Rich Girl - it had a light crank, the audience sang it, I filmed it
Yannie said of the next song, "I didn't want to make all my songs male bashing."
5) Yannie-led I'm Sorry - it had a light crank
It ended at 9:59.

Yannie said, "I don't consider you as fans, you're my family. This is the best band... Love"

Second set
1) Yannie-led "We can work it out" - it had a light crank
2) Yannie-led On My Mind - it had a light crank, Yannie said, "I've been longing for this day.", there was a lot of applause, I'm not sure if what she sang after the applause was part of this song or a new song
3) Yannie-led I'm In Love - it had a light crank
4) Yannie-led There's a Place Where You Can Go - it had a light crank
Yannie asked Peany to come up
5) Alternating Yannie-led Rufus' Ain't Nobody - it cranked, Peany played congas, the dance floor filled and Yannie went onstage / "Hey ay, Hey ay" / Kanye West's Gold Digger (tease)

Flo, Yannie, Ross, Jamal, Peany

All pictures (except flyer) taken by and Copyright - Jordan Rich

I really enjoyed it, I left just after the set ended, I did get home in time that I did not go to bed late.

You can see the pictures Nico took here.

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Updated: Thursday, 25 December 2008 10:10 PM EST

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