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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Sunday, 19 October 2008
Saturday at LePearl
LePearl, 7929 Central Ave, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Here are clips one and two on youtube from this show.

Walker Mill and Valechia were there.

WHAT? Band waited to start until after the Hopkins-Pavlik fight was over.

Chuckin' Drew came over and said hello.

What? Band
The line up was: Chris "Rah" Black (lead talker), Michelle Blackwell (vocals), Killa Cal (rapper), Chuckin' Drew (guitar), Dave (keyboard), Will (keyboard), Smokin' Joe (drummer), Duce7 (blocks), Rocket Rob (percussion).

Dave & Will (don't know them by sight), Chuckin' Drew, Smokin' Joe, Duce7

Smokin' Joe, Duce7, Chuckin' Drew, Michelle, Killa Cal, Rocket Rob

Michelle, Smokin' Joe, Duce7, Killa Cal, Rocket Rob

Duce7, Rocket Rob

Chuckin' Drew, Rah in front
All pictures (except flyer) taken by and Copyright - Jordan Rich
First set - 12:39 AM
1) T-Pain's Can't Believe It (instrumental) - it had a light crank, at first only the backline was onstage, then Michelle said, "Happy birthday Libras", she said Drew was "their in house Libra".
2) Alternating Michelle-led Jazmine Sullivan's Bust Your Windows - it cranked, Michelle chanted, "Let the beat ride!" / Percussion solo - Michelle did a shout out to me
Michelle said that WHAT? would be celebrating Obama's victory here on November 4th. She told Virginia voters: "Remember Virginia is an important state."
3) Michelle-led Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight - it had a light crank
4) Killa Cal-led Ice Cube's It Was a Good Day (tease)
Michelle talked about sending good wishes to a fan Trouble, who was shot last week.
5) Michelle-led Scarface's Someday? "I just want to be your... I know God is watching from above" - it cranked
6) Michelle-led "party all night..." - it cranked / "_ Is WHAT? Band affiliated"
7) Killa Cal-led T-Pain's My Girl Got a Girlfriend - it cranked
8) Killa Cal-led They Know - it cranked
9) Percussion solo - it cranked
10) Michelle-led "or was it all a dream, we party like a rockstar, 'cause I don't know how" - it cranked, Michelle chanted, "Ladies put your hands up" / Percussion solo / "Don't get mad, don't blame me, I don't know if you want to..." / "Happy birthday Rob, it's my birthday, buy me a drink" - Rocket Rob played toms / Outtro

Second set
1) Rah & Killa Cal rapped - it cranked / Percussion solo - Rah chanted, "Eya eya"
2) Michelle-led "Shake shake, rock bottom, shake your moneymaker" - it cranked -->
3) Rah-led "I'm an Alcoholic" - it cranked
4) Alternating Killa Cal-led TI's Swagger Like Us - it cranked / Rah-led "Haters y'all faking, we cranking" / Killa Cal-led "I'm popping" / Rah-led "Libras got a birthday" / Killa Cal-led "She got a..." - Rocket Rob played toms / Michelle-led Lil Wayne's Mrs. Officer / Crowd shouted "Hey hey ay"
5) Michelle-led "I... tonight" - it ranked / Killa Cal-led "She got a" - Rocket Rob played toms
6) Michelle-led "La la la... I need you" - it cranked, Rocket Rob played the toms
7) Killa Cal-led I am an Animal - it cranked. Rah chanted, "Let the beat go Rob" / Percussion solo - Rah he didn't talk to the internet dudes, but he had to keep it real, went off about Whiteboy's comments about what happened at the Fur Sunday, he said Rare Essence heard or first set and said they would leave if we played a second set, Rah went further and said that the senior citizens were unhappy about being in the business for 20 years and making less than the members of the WHAT? Band

Third set
1) Killa Cal-led "Motherf*cker, that's real, all the haters like you hiding in the back" - it cranked, Killa Cal rapped about the show at the Fur / Rah-led "We got too many hits, we crankin' like sh*t, line 'em up & we'll knock 'em down", Rah said, "We got a brand new Beyonce"
2) Michelle-led Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - it cranked / "Oh oh oh" / Rah-led ? - Rah said, "Percussion let it go" / Percussion solo
3) Michelle-led The Shop Boyz' Party Like a Rockstar - it cranked, Rocket Rob played toms
4) Michelle-led Ti featuring Rihanna's Live Your Life - it cranked, Rocket Rob played toms
5) Killa Cal-led "Dip dip" - it cranked, Rah & Michelle chanted, "How low can you go?" / Rah chanted, "Eya eya"
6) Rah-led "Ladies... seen before..." - it was laid back, interrupted by a fight, Rah said, "Ladies slow down for me, take it slow" / Rah-led "Stick out your butt and shake what you got" - it cranked / Killa Cal-led ? /
7) Rah-led "Haters" - Rocket Rob played toms / Rah-led "Haters keep knocking but they can't get in" - Rah said, "We need you all to stay on your best behavior"
8) Rah-led Northeast Groovers' Drop the Bomb - it cranked / Killa Cal Flo Rida's Money Right - Rocket Rob played the toms, the crowd was hyped up
9) Michelle-led Beyonce's Irreplaceable - it had a light crank at first then cranked, Rocket Rob played the toms / Rah-led "Rumpshaker" / Rah-led "Rocket Rob, drop the bomb" - the house lights came on
10) Michelle-led "Who are you? What are you going to do? I need action" - it had a light crank
They were done at 3:07 AM. I really enjoyed it.

A beautiful girl named Brandi asked me why I was taking notes.

Rah said, "I want to grind. I want to get down. I don't play 20 minutes and take your money, I wanna do 90 minutes. I don't have a wife or kids, this GoGo sh*t comes first."

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