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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Sunday, 12 October 2008
Saturday at Mirrors
Mirrors, 33 New York Avenue NE Washington, DC 20002

A girl I know said hello, but I wasn't sure who it was since it was dark and I only saw her for a second.

Robin and Rochelle were there.

EU - 12:15 AM
The line up was: Gregory "Sugar Bear" Elliott (vocals & bass), Mya (vocals), Kevin "KC" (vocals), Tony (guitar), Ivan Goff (keyboard), Mike Smith (drummer), Derrick Curry (percussion).

Sugar Bear, Tony, Mike, Mya, Kevin, Derrick

Rochelle, Ivan, Sugar Bear, Tony, Mya

Sugar Bear, Tony, CC
The dance floor was mostly empty when EU started so Sugar Bear said, "Come party with me, I promise I won't put you to bed."
1) Sugar Bear rapped - it cranked / Sly & the Family Stone's Family Affair / "Pump it up Redskin fans, just like this" - Sugar Bear chanted, "Gimme that beat" / Percussion solo -->
2) Mya-led Keyshia Cole's Shoulda Let You Go - it cranked / Sugar Bear chanted, "Party with your body" / "Drop down low and hit the floor with it and flap your wings" - Sugar Bear chanted, "Gimme that beat" / Percussion solo -->
3) Kevin-led Lil Wayne's Lollipop - it cranked / Mya-led "Call me" / Sugar Bear-led Nelly's Flap Your Wings (tease) / Alternating "Shake it shawty, shake it" - Derrick played toms / "She likes to do it do it" -->
4) Mya-led "I like to do it do it" - it cranked, Derrick played toms / Sugar Bear chanted, "Drop that beat" / "When are we going to get to the good part" / "Can we do it for the fellas?" / "If you're sexy and you know it, raise your hands" / "ya ya ya" / "Hold up, Wait a minute" / Funkadelic's Undisco Kidd (tease) "Girls are bad" / Derrick went back to playing congas - the frontline dance / "Pop the Coochie" / "Beat your feet every day" - Ivan set up his keyboard, Derrick played the toms / "Hey sexy lady, can I get to know you?" / Akon's I Wanna Love You (tease) "I wanna love you, you already know" / OutKast's The Way You Move (tease) / "Work the middle" -->
Val "Tina Turner" was there.
5) Sugar Bear-led "Somebody at this party, she wants to get down with ya" - it cranked / "Tired yet? Ready to quit?" / "Tell me what you feel like doing y'all" / "Hold up, wait a minute" -->
6) Sugar Bear-led "Go low, how low can you go?" - it cranked / "Move your body like a snake" / "You got ___, hello" / "Get your freak on" / "Is that my chick? I don't know" / "Southeast (etc.) is here" / "Are the Redskins the real deal? Better than the Cowboys? Better than the Eagles? Who's going to the Super Bowl?" -->
7) Sugar Bear-led "Tick tock" - it cranked / Kanye West's Gold Digger - Kevin rapped, Derrick played toms / "You wanna ride with me?" - Kevin rapped / "Shake it down" -->
8) Sugar Bear-led Isley Brother's It's Your Thing (altered lyrics) - "Shake your thang" (repeated), "It's old school, do what you want to" - it cranked, Mya rapped / "Don't tell me how to party" / "One, two, three..." - Derrick played toms / "Let me see you work it" / "Zu zu zu" (repeated) / "All you ladies whip it" / "It's hard to control myself" -->
9) Sugar Bear-led The Shop Boyz' Party Like a Rockstar - it cranked, Derrick played toms / Sugar Bear said, "Redskin fans raise your hands, I hate the Cowboys" / Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s Crush on You "heard me on the radio, Um bop bop" / a female rapper named CC sat in / drum outtro
They were done at 1:14 AM. I enjoyed it, Mya had great facial expressions especially with her eyes.

Felecia's sister, Keishi (spelling?) was there.

Kia was there.

Familiar Faces - 1:47 AM
Mike, Quese, and Lorenzo were not present.

Tia & Tina Turner on the left on the dance floor, Sean, Scooby, Godfather, Damila, Wendell, Jammin' Jeff, Donnell

Donnell, Jammin' Jeff, DP, Bojack, Packy, Smoke
Donnell said, "Special dedication to the Libras"
1) Scooby-led Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight - it started laid back and then went to crank, Wendell soloed, Donnell chanted, "Wait a minute!" / Percussion solo - Bojack played the cowbell / Donnell-led "Hold the note y'all"
2) Damila-led Jill Scott's When You're Around - it cranked / Percussion solo -->
3) Alternating Scooby-led Sunshine - it cranked, Scooby said, "you remember the first time ___" / "Hold it!" / Percussion solo - Scooby chanted, "oh oh oh", the frontline danced, Scooby chanted, "Eya eya" / "Ya party with me" / Donnell chanted, "Dance with me y'all"
4) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Ho oh" - his mic had a lot of reverb
5) Donnell & Damila-led "Can we do it for the ladies/fellas, Oh my God!" - it cranked
6) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Hey ay"
7) Donnell-led 50 Cent's In Da Club (tease) "Libras" - it cranked
8) Damila-led Rihanna's Take a Bow - it cranked
9) Alternating Scooby-led The Dream's I Luv Your Girl - it had a light crank, Scooby chanted "Ah ah ah" along with the horn hits / "___ Is bad" / Bojack played the toms / Scooby said, "Libra's got a birthday"
10) Donnell & Scooby-led "Jump your body" - it cranked, Scooby rapped, Donnell chanted, "Wait a minute!" / Bojack tom solo -->
11) Scooby-led "Uh oh uh uh oh" - it cranked, Scooby chanted, "Throw your hands in the air, throw your hands up", Scooby chanted, "Stick out your butt, shake what you got", Bojack played the toms (cowbell earlier in the song), Scooby chanted, "How low can you go?"
12) Donnell & Scooby-led Rare Essence's Lock It - it cranked, Donnell invited a fan onstage and danced with her, Donnell chanted, "Kentland!", Tina Turner and a guy were onstage -->

All pictures (except flyer) taken by and Copyright - Jordan Rich
13) Donnell-led Rare Essence's What N*gga What? - it cranked / Alternating Rare Essence's All Da Time - Donnell waved his mic stand / "Southeast, South, Southeast" chant - Packy played the cowbell / Donnell chanted, "Dance with me y'all" / Maino's Hi Hater - the house lights came on
14) Donnell & Scooby-led Do You Think About Me? - it had a light crank / Donnell-led ? / Donnell-led Donna Summer's Love to Love You, Baby (tease) / Scooby-led "DC Girls they drive me crazy" / "Uh oh" / Donnell-led Let Me Go One Time / ? / "Do you listen to my heartbeat?" - Donnell said, "Tia, 52 years old and acts like an 8th grader"
KayKay was there.
15) Donnell acapella Hail to the Redskins - Donnell said, "That girl (the fan who danced onstage) danced like Lock It was made for her. Tina Turner got no drawers on" / Goldfinger theme (tease) / Bill Withers' Lovely Day (tease) / Luther Vandross' Never Too Much (tease)

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