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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Saturday, 11 October 2008
Friday at the Black Cat
Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009

I've heard some live recordings of Los Amigos Invisibles, so when I saw they were playing here, I immediately bought a ticket.

I didn't even realize there was going to be an opening act until I went upstairs and Bio Ritmo was performing.

The crowd was diverse, with a lot of couples, who danced together especially during Bio Ritmo's set.

Bio Ritmo - in progress at around 10:30 PM
The line up was: Rei Alvarez (vocals & percussion), bass player, Marlysse Simmons (keyboard), Saxophone player, Tobias Whitaker (trombone), Mambo Bob Miller (trumpet), Giustino "Inspector Clave" Riccio (drummer), Gabo "Presidente" Tomasini (percussion), cowbell player/percussionist.

They performed about 6 songs during the time I was there, the third one cranked. They were done at 11 PM. They are a salsa band; their music didn't really stand out to me.

I bought a copy of The Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1 and their live DVD (I didn't know it existed and I couldn't find it on the net afterwards either). I prefer them live to studio. I enjoyed the DVD, but wish it were longer.

Los Amigos Invisibles - 11:39 PM
The line up was: Julio "Chulius" Briceño (vocals), José "DJ Afro" Pardo (guitar), José "Catire" Torres (bass), Armando "Odnam" Figueredo (keyboard), Mauricio "Maurimix" Arcas (percussion & vocals), Juan "Mamel" Roura (drummer/percussion).

DJ Afro, Odnam, Chulius, Mamel, Catire, Maurimix
1) Instrumental - Odnam walked on stage first, then DJ Afro and Catire, then Maurimix and Mamel, there was big response from the crowd it cranked, Chulius walked onstage / Chulius-led Mi Linda - they got the audience to clap
2) Chulius-led Amor - it cranked -->
3) Chulius & Maurimix-led Caliente - it had a light crank -->
4) Chulius-led ? - it had a light crank -->
5) Chulius-led ? -->
6) Chulius-led Ease Your Mind - Catire soloed, Chulius said, "Make some noise!", Maurimix soloed, Odnam soloed, it rose to a full crank
7) Chulius-led ? - Mamel left the drum kit for the toms -->

All pictures (except flyer) taken by and Copyright - Jordan Rich
8) Maurimix-led ? - it was laid back, Mamel went back to the drum kit -->
9) Chulius-led ? "eya yo yo" - it was guitar-driven, the crowd responded, the band members jumped up and down, it rose to a full crank
10) Chulius-led ? - it was laid back -->
11) Chulius-led ? "se sa" (very familiar) - it was keyboard-driven, it had a light crank -->
12) Chulius-led ? - it had a light crank -->
13) Chulius-led ? - the band and the crowd jumped up and down -->
14) Chulius-led ? - it was guitar-driven, it was laid back -->
15) Chulius-led ? - it had a light crank, DJ Afro soloed, Chulius showed a Venezuelan flag and rapped it around his neck
16) Chulius-led Cuchi Cuchi - Chulius got the crowd to clap, it had a light crank, Maurimix soloed, Odnam soloed
17) Chulius-led Ponerte E Cuatro - it cranked, the band jumped up and down, they held their mics to the crowd, there was a lot of response by the crowd
18) Chulius-led ? - it had a light crank, Chulius thanked the audience for coming out, DJ Afro soloed, they left the stage / outtro
19) Chulius-led Yo Soy Asi - a female fan went onstage and kissed Chulius
20) Chulius-led ? - it cranked
21) Chulius-led El Disco Anal - it had a light crank, Chulius said, "Everyone jump" / Maurimix tom solo
It ended at 1:40 AM. Because I don't know Spanish and because it was dark and I don't take notes as well when I can't see what I'm writing. I really enjoyed - it was really fun, light hearted music. While they performed, a screen to the right of the stage showed a video - it was bizarre (it was not their live DVD).

Posted by funkmasterj at 12:01 AM EDT

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