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Summer 2004 and Beyond: Going to the GoGo
Friday, 3 October 2008
Part 1 of My Birthday Celebration: Thursday at Icon
The Icon, 2106 Crain Hwy, Waldorf, MD 20601

Elements Band - 8:49
The line up was: Blinc (lead talker), Link (vocalist), Carilla (female vocalist), guitar player, bass player, keyboard player, drummer, 2 percussionists.
1) Alternating Link-led "someone else's girlfriend" (it was familiar) - it cranked / Percussion solo
2) Link-led Maroon 5's This Love - it cranked
3) Carilla-led Erykah Badu's On & On - it started off with a light crank and then rose to a full crank, Blinc said, "All the ladies" / Percussion solo - Carilla said, "What y'all say?"
4) Blinc-led "doing it... yeah" - it cranked -->
5) Blinc & Link-led "I like it a lot" - it cranked -->
6) Blinc & Link-led "Holler at you" (it was familiar) - it cranked, the frontline danced
Rachelle was there also celebrating her birthday and those of other friends she brought.
7) Carilla-led "that we're hot" - it cranked / outtro
Blinc said, "Sexual chocolate!"
Their set was done at 9:34. This was my first time seeing them and I had expected to see Publicity Band based on the flyer, but I liked their set.

Do Dirty worked the PA.

Tamera was there.

A woman named Keisha introduced herself to me, she recognized me from going to a number of Familiar Faces shows.

Snells was there.

Familiar Faces
First set
Donnell said, "We'll have a special dedication to the Dallas Cowboys (who lost to the Redskins on Sunday)... and Tony Homo".
1) Damila-led Ledisi's Alright - it cranked, Donnell chanted, "Wait a minute!" / Percussion solo
Donnell did a shout out to me.
2) Damila-led Jill Scott's When You're Around - it cranked, Donnell chanted, "Wait a minute!" / Percussion solo - Keisha danced with me -->
3) Quese & Scooby-led Jodeci's Come & Talk to Me - it cranked, Donnell did a birthday shout out to me
4) Scooby-led The Dream's I Luv Your Girl - Scooby did "ah ah ah" in synch with the horn hits / "___ Is bad!" / Percussion solo - the stage went dark
Shaunte (Stacey's Cousin) was there, celebrating her birthday.
5) Donnell-led 50 Cent's In Da Club (tease) - it cranked
6) Donnell-led "Party party, everybody" - it cranked / Instrumental / Donnell & Quese-led "Jump your body" - Donnell got on the right speaker and Scooby on the left, then Donnell went on the dance floor / Bojack tom solo - Packy played the cowbell
Donnell joned on the Cowboys. Snell said, "You better cut that out" and Donnell said, "Or what?" Then ran away.

Tasha T. was there.

I talked with Lorenzo for awhile during the break, he had just been touring with Ledisi.

Second set
1) Scooby-led Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight - it started off laid back and then went to crank, Donnell chanted, "Wait a minute!" / Percussion solo - it was really long, I loved it
Stacy & ChooChoo were there.
2) Donnell & Quese-led We Don't Need These Phones - it cranked / Percussion solo -->
Yannie and Theos were there.
3) Scooby-led Sunshine - it cranked, Scooby chanted, "Hold it!" / Percussion solo - Scooby chanted, "Oh oh oh" / "Ya Party With Me" / Donnell chanted, "Dance with me, Y'all"
4) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Ho oh"
5) Quese & Damila-led "Can we do it for the ladies/fellas, Oh my God!" - it cranked
6) Donnell-led "Hey ay, Hey ay"
7) Scooby-led "Uh oh uh uh oh" - Scooby said, "Stick out your butt and shake what you got", Scooby said. "How low low can you go go"? - Donnell, DP, and Mike were in front of the dance floor
8) Damila-led Rihanna's Take a Bow - it cranked, Donnell, DP and Mike danced
9) Donnell-led "25, 25, 25" / Alternating Rare Essence's Work the Walls - it cranked, Scooby stood on the left speaker / Bojack tom solo
10) Donnell & Scooby-led Do You Think About Me? - it had a light crank / Percussion solo / "Slow Funk & Grind" - I zoned out a little so I may have missed a song / Scooby-led "DC Girls, they drive me crazy" / Bojack tom solo - Donnell said, "We have a special RIP for the Cowboys before we go" / Instrumental / Donnell acapella Marvin Sapp's Never Would Have Made It
Bojack imitated James Funk.
Michelle Blackwell of the WHAT? Band was there.

Posted by funkmasterj at 12:01 AM EDT

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